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Live ONLINE Pilates & Yin Yoga available during lockdown!

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Mat Reformed - reformer pilates on the mat with a theraband

Yin Yoga - slow it down, unwind and release tension


We offer a space to balance the demands of work, life and family and help you to prioritise YOU.


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Hi, I'm Jo, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor & Nutrition Coach, ex Lawyer and mum of two (big-ish) girls.  

I specialise in helping women who know they need to live healthier but find it hard to know where to start and need the right person to support them. It is tough to find the right balance between family, work and the healthy life you want, I can help get you there.

I am a former lawyer, mum of 2 and I understand the pressures of having a career and caring for a young family. I know, only too well, the feeling of not being able to do it all, at the expense of being healthy and happy.  I can help you live a healthier life, connect with your children and fulfil your ambitions, which is why I am not like any other coach.

I came to this career late, and after discovering a love of cycling and creating my first, of several, women’s cycling groups - I knew I needed a change. I left my successful legal career to spend time with my children while they were young and along the way I realised I had a knack of bringing women together to support each other. 

I use my knowledge in Parent & Baby Wellness, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching with my high level problem solving skills, from my legal career, to help women all over the world achieve a healthy balance.



My fitness programs are whole body workouts that rehabilitate the core, the pelvic floor, improve posture and flexibility as well as relieving common pregnancy and new mum aches and pains. You can expect to strengthen butts, abdominals, thighs, arms and backs while working towards improved cardio health and improving your overall wellness.

All sessions can be modified to you and to support your level of fitness, whether that recovery post birth or to get back into exercise after a break.

Free Monthly Fitness Challenges in my private, ladies only, Facebook Group. Join the group for LIVE #workoutwednesdays every week at lunchtime.

Outdoor Ladies Group Fitness Classes - these will return later in the year, subscribe to hear more.

One on One Personal Training - I offer one-on-one training in your own home, in a local park or online via live video.

I currently have limited Personal Training spaces available - please drop me a line to enquire.



I work with women from pregnancy through postpartum and beyond.

New Mums - From birth I teach you and your baby the benefits of relaxation and why learning how to communicate and spend time together creates strong, secure relationships.

Mindset, Motivation, Movement & Nutrition are the 4 pillars that underpin a healthy happy life. I help busy women, whether their kids are 1 or 21, find time to focus on themselves and achieve their wellness goals - whether that's carving out time for you or putting in place strategies to spend more time with your family; you'll learn how to incorporate movement into your day, develop healthy eating habits and get more energy.

My individual or group programs can help you take control and start prioritising you and your life.

Baby Bonding & Massage classes - learn how the power of touch can help you to communicate & bond with your baby and soothe common issues such as teething, colic and trapped wind in a 4 week online course.

Classes include sensory play, relaxation for mums and LOTS MORE!


Nutrition Coaching for Busy Mums - Individual Sessions Available, enquire now for free 30 min phone consult. 

Wellness Programs - develop healthy habits with a coach on hand to guide you everyday. Limited Spaces - contact Jo for more details and to apply.

Create a Healthy Balance - 12 week program for women who want to look after themselves but find work, kids and life get in the way. I'll teach you how to change your mindset, find your motivation and even enjoy exercise!

NEW DATES coming soon.


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Work with the coach who has helped women feel confident, strong and connected in body, mind & spirit.